In indigenous culture, it is a special thing to acquire a spirit name. It signifies a rebirth, a shedding of self and authentic growth. For Cree-Canadian musician Nigel Irwin, his new project Decree represents a similar idea.

This project is a transformative outlet for Nigel Irwin, who garnered considerable acclaim and opportunity through his solo act. Irwin first began playing in bars in Niagara, and moved to Toronto to expand his horizons. Since then, Irwin’s music has appeared on CBC and Zoomer radio. Some notable accomplishments include headlining the Aboriginal Pavilion festival in Toronto, playing the main stage at Indigenous Day Live Ottawa, opening for Susan Aglukark at the Aboriginal Day Festival, contributing music to the feature film The Layover and performing for New Music Night sponsored by Indie88 at The Horseshoe. Through the licensing company Bedtracks, Irwin has gained experience remixing authentic indigenous recordings for the sound library Storytellers. This work is directly influencing the sounds Decree is bringing to listeners.